PT. Putra Jabung Perkasa (PJP) has grown into a large and highly respected manpower supplier since its beginning in 1999. We now boast an extensive range of modern training facilities, a spacious office building, a vast recruitment network and very highly skilled staff. These resources allow us to give you the best recruitment services possible.

Our main clients are Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Starting in 1999 we send domestic helper and nurse to Taiwan hope to increase this valuable supply. Our newest target is Korea and Japan and we are actively preparing to enter highly potential market.

We Provide Qualified Workers
Our overriding philosophy in manpower supply has always been ˇ§Always supply qualified workers only!ˇ¨ The reason is obvious. Unqualified workers caused problems for our clients and in the long run destroy our credibility and hence our business. Our professional recruiters know exactly how to get qualified workers and prepare them for overseas employment.

Stiff competition in the Taiwan market means Indonesia Workers must be prepared to produce excellent results if they are to survive. Because we are aware of this, PJP is most careful in the selection process. More than 4,000 successful placements are proof of our commitment to quality; these workers are domestic helper, nurse, factory worker and sea-men.

PJP Training Center

Curricula are individually crafted to meet the future needs of workers in the target culture and country. In addition to Indonesian instructors, we provide training with international instructors such as Taiwanese, Cantonese, English & Koreans. And a modern language lab ensures that our training center offers the trainees the very best opportunity for success in their new placements.

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